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Staying on top of your competition is key to fine-tuning your marketing strategy. As your campaign manager, I utilize some of the finest Industry tools that help me analyze your own campaign or your competitors’ campaigns. I use Intelligence to generate additional keywords for your campaigns, compare your ad costs to your competitors, analyze their ads and their location, and understand their budgets.

I compose reports or presentations, where I show all the findings on your Google Adwords (as well as other platforms) or on your competitor's status, bringing you up-to-date on what is happening and unearth any new opportunities to help you take your marketing further. 

Portfolio Samples

1. Google Adwords Account Audit for

In this report I evaluate the overall Google Adwords performance for a set of advertising campaigns on a vacation home. You can open or save the report by clicking here.

2. Competition Overview SEO and Adwords Audits for

This is a 3 part project in three stages. In the first stage I give an overview report on the site showing SEO and PPC activity (see report). In the second stage I compose a SEO report with all the findings about the site (see report). In the third stage I compose an Adwords report showing relevant PPC opportunities (see report).