Google Adwords-Yahoo/Bing



Creating and administering an advertising pay-per-click account with a solid structure is key, if you want to succeed with Google Adwords. The second most important thing is to continuously analyze and measure your site: a great site is not made by the owner or the designer; it is made by its visitors. Making sure that you have the behavior of your visitors analyzed and measured when they visit and move around in your site, will pay off, and give you a killer site and a well calibrated campaign that converts visitors to results. This is what I do, together with: competitive research and analysis, social media marketing, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising and vacation rental marketing. 

Before actually doing anything I will have to listen to you first: your goals, your aspirations, the status of your business; I will also have to take a 'behind-the scenes' look on your site. Based on this I will determine the approach to follow in terms of your advertising campaign(s) and how to structure them in order to bring the best possible results in conjunction with making tweaks on your site - should this prove necessary. The following is a quick sample of the considerations I will be making, while working on your online advertising:

Your Advertising Campaigns: I will determine the optimal format depending on your business goals. You may need multiple campaigns to take advantage of the various networks; you may need to target using location targeting and selecting specific devices where your prospects make use. It is best to separate the various areas where you focus your business in different campaigns in order to optimize your budget in the most efficient way. 

Ad Groups: few people understand the importance and power of a properly structured set of ad groups and how this correlates to the overall performance of your advertising campaign.  So part of the work will be to create ad groups that are laser-targeted and successful. 

Keywords:  all your efforts will be in vain unless we end up choosing the right keywords or target the right web pages that perform well without killing your ad dollars. I’ll make sure that your advertising runs on places that convert and that you stay this way. 

Ad Text: we must find the right ad text that works for you, and for you only! Your ads must attract the right clicks and not those clicks coming from time wasters or people just curious on your business for killing their time!  We will reply on split testing different ad text alternatives to find those that prove themselves as the most effective for your advertising campaigns and your business. 

Mobile: don't forget mobile and tablets: it is growing like crazy. You should be there; I will take advantage of the various mobile options that Google AdWords and Yahoo!-Bing provides and ensure that your advertising campaigns are well-calibrated for this channel. 

Conversion Tracking & Analytics: as a Google AdWords Certified consultant, all my decisions on your advertising will be based on data, so Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking are vital; without them improving on your advertising campaigns will end up being just simple guessing and nothing else.