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"Σε ευχαριστούμε για την υπέροχη συνεργασία μας, την άψογη προώθηση του Etoile De Mer, που με την καθοδήγησή σου και τον επαγγελματισμό σου, έφερε άμεσα θετικά αποτελέσματα. Σε κάθε θέμα που αντιμετωπίσαμε , ενήργησες άμεσα με την εμπειρία σου , την ευελιξία σου και την εντιμότητά σου.
Ευελπιστούμε στη συνέχεια της συνεργασίας μας για πολλά χρόνια ακόμα."

Παύλος - Βάνα.  Εtoile De Mer Villa Andros


"Πολύ αξιόπιστος και αποτελεσματικός συνεργάτης. Η συνεργασία μαζί σας μας έχει βοηθήσει να προωθήσουμε σωστά και μεθοδικά τη villa μας. Νιώθουμε ασφαλείς και αισιόδοξοι για το μέλλον. Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ κ.Παπαχατζή."

Οικογένεια Σταγκάκη, Villa Despina, Prines

"Ευχαριστώ πολύ,τον κ.Παπαχατζή για την επαγγελματική του δουλειά στην προώθηση της εξοχικής κατοικίας μου."

Dr.Δημουσιαρης Γρηγόριος, Villa Kornilia

"Εξαιρετικός Επαγγελματισμός. Ολοκληρωμένη λύση διαχείρησης του ακινήτου σας. Για να ασχοληθείτε ελάχιστα και να έχετε την μέγιστη δυνατή απόδοση."

Νίκος Ψυχογιός, Imagin

"Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ για τις χρήσιμες και ουσιαστικές πληροφορίες που μου δώσατε. Η βοήθειά σας ήταν ιδιαίτερα σημαντική και κατατοπιστική."

Μάκης Κολώνας, Villas Marianna

"Η γνώση, η εντιμότητα, και ο επαγγελματισμός του Κ Παπαχατζή είναι κόσμημα και φάρος στην επιχειρηματικότητα του χώρου."

- Μαρία Βιτοράκη, Vitoraki's Apartments

"Εξαιρετικός συνεργάτης, με άρτια γνώση του αντικειμένου και της Αγοράς. Προσφέροντας πάντα αποτελεσματικές λύσεις προώθησης και εξαιρετική διαχείριση των τουριστικών καταλυμάτων."

- Νταϊάνα Πανεθυμιτάκη, Villa Mariposa Χανιά

This is by far the best freelance collaboration experience to date and we have been using freelancers for quite some time. Kostas is an extremely professional vacation rental marketer and most definitely on top of his game. He does whatever it takes to get the job done and walks you through every step of the process. Most definitely we will be working with him again in the future

Jessica Hammond Resort Professional Bali Resorts

"Kostas does exceptional work in managing our marketing and bookings for our villas in Crete for the past 6 years - he is an outstanding vacation rentals professional with excellent knowledge in online and offline marketing; his work on our rates and our seasonal pricing and special offers for every coming season helps us book our villas solid. A truly rare breed to work with in these hard Times."

Owner of Villas in Rethymnon Crete

"A very good and simple, well laid out promotion and outstanding reservation management service for our vacation house in Heraklion - Kostas is the person to talk to if you are worried about your bookings"

Owner of Villas in Heraklion Crete

"We decided to rent our country house in the outskirts of Korinthos near the area of "Ai Giorgis". Although being in the middle of the financial crisis Kostas brought 100 nights and literally saved us with the deposits. Even when the country's bankruptcy was announced we didn't have a single cancellation coming. We will renew with Kostas in the coming seasons because he brings us very good results, he is a balanced professional with a good work background and has nerves made of steel"

Chris Anargiros- Villa Owner District of Korinth Greece

Kostas did a great job on our project. He has great knowledge of the Adwords system and is by all means a pro. He was fast to reply and did exactly what he said he would do. We are very happy and will be using him again soon

James Harper, Telematique

Just superb! I had ads disapproved by Google Adwords shown in my account. We tried for days to figure out why and what happened . Called Google AdWords Support twice and made all the changes the reps suggested...and got nowhere. I hired Kostas; He started to work, contacted Google himself, found the problem and after 2 working days my ads are running again as they should.  Great!

Nancy Williams Boulder Chiropractor

Kostas is a true online marketing professional in every sense. He openly communicated with me every step of the way and did a tremendous job. He really knows his stuff. It's refreshing to work with such a dedicated person. I highly recommend him and will hire again if needed. Thank you very much Kostas ;)

Christine Groves, Travel Entrepreneur South Africa

When i was searching for this very important job to find an expert to setup my google adwords campaign for a new website, I stumbled upon Kostas linkedin profile and his previous work experience stood out from the rest and I must say the work he did for our adwords campaign was of exceptional quality. I am more than pleased with the job done and I can recommend him for setting up google adwords campaigns. I am 100% satisfied

Andrew Ford, Skene House

I just can't describe how pleased I am with Kostas' work quality and knowledge provided. He is a great Adwords and PPC expert, one of the very few truly good freelancers I have ever had the pleasure to work with ”

Helen Panopoulos, Travel Agent

We have been working together on Adwords and Bing management for about a month and I'm very happy with the results. I highly recommend Kostas

Nicolas Harrison, Realtor Dallas Texas

I found his profile on Linkedin quite some time ago. Kostas truly knows social media accounts including Facebook and Hootsuite and he did manage to set us up for social media marketing quickly. I would definitely hire him again without second thought. He has done an amazing job for me. Thanks again for all your help Kostas!

DebbieThomas, Owner of B&B Snowdonia Wales

The original work we hired Kostas to do was to set up a PPC campaign, and that paid for itself within a few weeks. However, Kostas also suggested that we should use Facebook as well. At first we were a little skeptical, but based on the good ROI we got from the first time we hired him, we listened to his ideas and hired him again to do the additional work. His Facebook campaign found us a way of saving hundreds of dollars per year, as well as connecting us with our customers and getting us PR that will help define our brand. We are hiring Kostas again...and choose Facebook over Adwords from now on!

Kelly Francis, owner Tattoo removals Sidney

Kostas was very knowledgeable about Google Adwords and Google Analytics and gave us some good advice on how he thought we should go about setting up our ads. They have only been running for about a week so far, but they seem to be getting some traction and we're confident that they will perform well for us. He was very quick to respond to questions and I would definitely recommend his services

John Metaxas, bicycle shop owner Athens Greece

"Very good work in Search Engine Optimization. And I don't even have my own website!!!  Kostas ranked me No 1 using my Facebook Business Page and at the same time started a social media campaign on my Timeline and a Facebook ad with a cost of $2-$3 per day I ended up paying 6 cents per like. I also ranked No. 1 for my keywords in less than 4 months. After 6 months I am still No 1 for my keywords! And I get calls as a result of my rankings and as a result of my ad. I never thought all this can happen and in my case as a Jazz Musician teaching Jazz Piano lessons where the number of potential customers to target is small and budgets are really small it made a bid difference. Kostas is the person to trust!"

Alex Orfanos, Jazz Musician