Marketing Vacation Rentals, Villas and Hotels


Marketing Vacation Rentals, Villas and Hotels

There are four areas in the Vacation Rental Business; your current position surely fits one of them.

1: Thinking of renting

You will need some good intel to help you decide.  Thankfully, stepping into vacation rentals is less of a risk &  more of a calculated science. One of my specialties is to do the work to make your decision easier.

2: Decide to go ahead and rent

You're half way there; 3 more steps left. The first is  about you and how you deal with the new concept; the second is to sort out all that goes under ‘dealing with house and guests’. The third is how you bring the clients in. With more than 60 villas and a few 5 star hotels under my belt I can put you on the right path in all three

3: Already renting

You maybe unhappy with results, looking for ways to improve on bookings. Or looking for ways to improve your rental service beating local competition. Or, you may have a full house but can’t increase revenues further. But there is almost always more room to raise numbers further. I can fill your blanks and cover you in full in all of these helping you raise your standards and your revenues.

4: Help with the work involved

Marketing, pricing, advertising, bookings, raise performance, increase revenues new extra services for renters etc. For the past decade I offer consultation services in all those with great success.

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